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Learn more about how I help people regain limb movement through surgeries and treatments.

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World reference in brachial plexus treatment

Physician at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (1987), Master’s Equivalence – Universite de Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie) (1990), and Doctorate in Neuroscience – Universite de Paris V (Rene Descartes) (1993). Specialization in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery in Buenos Aires and Paris. Foreign Assistant Professor at the René Descartes University (1993). Diploma in Microsurgery and Hand Surgery from the Pierre Marie Curie University (1993). Specialist in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery.

Currently a world reference in the treatment of the brachial plexus, helping hundreds of patients to recover the movement of paralyzed limbs.

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View patient recovery and success history
who trusted Dr. Bertelli.

View patient recovery and success history who trusted Dr. Bertelli.

Reasons to trust
Dr. Bertelli for your palsy treatment.

Reasons to trust
Dr. Bertelli for your palsy treatment.

With over 30 years of experience in the treatment of paralysis, Dr. Bertelli has become a national and international reference in the treatment of the brachial plexus.

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What patients say

Stevenson Sobral

A great human being, generous and extremely competent, busy and crowded, he always takes the time to put a smile on the patient's face, I leave the office feeling important. I had an Alta Plexus injury and was operated on by him in 2005, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he gave me back the joy of living, we feel a love for him that is difficult to describe, I remember him fondly almost every day, highly recommended , loved and admired.


Excellent professional, fantastic person, I reconstructed the left brachial plexus after a motorcycle accident. It gave me back, in addition to arm movements, a much better quality of life. I am very grateful to this doctor. Thank you so much for everything. I recommend it without a shadow of a doubt.


I also operated with dr. Jayme Bertelli, a great doctor who conveys confidence, security. An excellent doctor, best of all. I'm recovering my movements little by little, thanks every day for referring Jayme Bertelli, a good doctor.


Extremely competent doctor, human, friend... in short, excellent professional. I recommend without restrictions. Florianópolis must feel proud to have this professional.


Extremely caring and humane doctor. The consultation lasted more than 1 hour, removing all doubts and treatment possibilities. Another nice factor, the value of the consultation... A fairly fair price when compared to the absurd values ​​of São Paulo.


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